Hi, I’m Max.

A fondness for the idea that we can alter our own perception started around 2005 at the age of 16, after reading The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley. The theory of a filter in our mind which waters down the world around us, Huxley proposed that we could weaken this filter through consumption of a mind-altering substance, Mescaline, and what he witnessed was pure beauty. But what if we could consciously alter perception at our own will, allowing a greater, more truer experience of our surroundings every single day?

If we could achieve just a fraction of this perhaps a lot of life’s problems would be solved, and the world around us would cease to become a fight for survival, and instead, a playground in paradise.

So, for the following years I’ve been pursuing that thought – half heartedly – to craft an art if you like, that being the art of perception. This blog is purely some food for thought, I hope to awaken, inspire, and motivate. Compassion and kindness run through my veins so expect this blog to be oriented around these qualities (I hope).

More about me:

Well, I’ve suffered from addiction, anxiety, depression and stress, and still do to a certain extent – perhaps in time I’ll share some of these stories. But I’ve yet to experience an illness which I’ve not been determined to overcome. I’m very appreciative of my family, friends and work colleagues, and of course my fiancé who I met in 2009.

I live in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom, a relatively quiet seaside town. We own an apartment on the fringes of the town which my partner is forever kitting with Scandinavian themed decor… the word Hygge should spring to mind if it’s not yelled at you several times upon entry (that’s not very Hygge, I know).

Travel is a passion of mine, my favourite adventure so far being Japan which I’ve got a great obsession with. I won’t list everywhere I’ve been, but some of my top memories include seeing the Aurora Borealis, watching the sunrise over Angkor Watt, and getting engaged in the Seychelles.

Hopefully you enjoy some of my thoughts, feel free to get in contact if you do.


Stay awake, stay open





One thought on “About

  1. Nice to meet you all the way in the United Kingdom! That’s wonderful! I live in Las Vegas, NV! Your blog spreads great words of motivation and inner peace. I love it. Keep up the wonderful posts!


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